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Sky Blue

sky-blueAn established credit repair company
$59 per month
100% money-back guarantee
A+ Better Business Bureau rating
Intelligent credit repair guidance

Professional & friendly customer service
Dispute 15 items at a time


Acclaimed by their exceptional Better Business Bureau rating, Sky Blue has been repairing credit successfully since 1989. By conducting numerous rounds of dispute every month or so, Sky Blue guarantees a fast pace and a smart process. In addition to providing credit repair services that proven to work, Sky Blue offers its clients intelligent guidance in order to ensure a continued good credit score. When you call Sky Blue at 888-906-1552, you can be sure to not be sent to an automated service; you will be directed to a real customer service rep! No matter which state you are located in, Sky Blue is sure to raise your score, and they will offer you a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied!


Dedicated to personalized credit repair services, Sky Blue is a firm believer of the fact that every situation is unique. Therefore, they provide each of their clients with customized disputes, statute of limitation research, and credit score optimization advice. From start to finish, Sky Blue will closely analyze your credit, beginning with a line-by-line review of your credit report. Their services are not just limited to disputing errors with the credit bureaus; they will work with you to ensure that your credit score gets fixed and stays fixed. The best part is, everything is included in a low monthly fee of only $49!


As one of the leading credit repair companies, Sky Blue offers a variety of helpful features. With Sky Blue, you can ensure a secure online experience. Though their headquarters is located in Delray Beach Florida, Sky Blue serves all 50 states through their online system. Just because their services are electronic, however, does not mean that you will receive less personalized services. If you're looking to get difficult items like tax liens removed from your credit report, then Sky Blue is your best bet. When you enroll in Sky Blue's program, you will also receive debt validation and a risk-free guarantee.



A+ BBB rating
Personalized, not automated
You can cancel at any time
Serves all 50 states
Can get tough items deleted
Excellent customer service
May take up to 6 months to show results
Unable to help some clients


In order to genuinely evaluate Sky Blue's services, one of our staff members signed up for their service. The results she received were great! Within 7 months, Sky Blue was able to delete 17 items from her credit report, and raised her score from a 601 to a 733. The numbers speak for themselves; Sky Blue is proven to work! Click here to see an actual Sky Blue creditor deletion letter, and click here to see a real tax lien removal.


The cost of the credit repair service offered by Sky Blue is simple: you will be charged an up-front fee of $79, and then $49 per month until the completion of your program. This fee includes all of the great features offered by Sky Blue, and no additional fees will be added on. If you sign up with a spouse, you will receive half off of their monthly fee. In case you are not satisfied with their services, you are able to cancel at any time with no termination fee or penalty!


As our number one choice for the best credit repair companies, we give Sky Blue 5 out of 5 stars! Sky Blue is a leading credit repair company that offers quality services and results. If you're looking for a way out of your poor credit problem, then Sky Blue may just be the perfect solution!


6001 Broken Sound Parkway
Boca Raton, FL 33487