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Score Cure

score-cureOver 15 years of credit repair experience
$79.95 per month with a one-time set-up fee of $19.95
Personalized, not computerized
Unlimited rounds of disputes
Educate, consult & help you rebuild your credit

Advanced credit repair techniques
In-depth credit report analysis


With over 15 years of credit repair experience, the Score Cure team has been helping individuals improve their credit through their proven-to-work credit repair methods. Through their simple three-step process, Score Cure successfully removes negative items from their clients' credit reports and therefore raises their credit score. Unlike most big-name credit repair companies, Score Cure makes use of personalized techniques, and creates a unique credit repair package for each of their valued clients. When you give Score Cure a call at 888-337-2746, you can guarantee to speak directly to a friendly and helpful Score Cure credit specialist. If you're looking for a company that will work with you every step of the way to raise your credit score, and keep it raised, then Score Cure is the best option for you.



Having provided tons of positive results to thousands of clients, Score Cure never fails to deliver exactly what they say they will: an improved credit score. Through intensive rounds of disputing and making use of a number of different credit repair methods, Score Cure guarantees to provide substantial credit repair results. Not only will they work diligently on your files, but they will update you will all changes and improvements that are being made to your credit report. As a fully transparent company, you will be able to receive 24/7 updates by logging into their website on your computer, phone or tablet. Additionally, you are welcomed to call the Score Cure team at any time with questions or for some credit advice; the Score Cure team is always just a phone call or email away!


Along with providing proven-to-work credit repair services, Score Cure also offers help with Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) violations. If you are experiencing multiple collection calls from third-party collection companies, and feel as though you are being harassed, Score Cure is here to help. Their services go beyond traditional credit repair services. You are guaranteed to be in good hands with the credit repair experts are Score Cure. And for an affordable monthly cost, you will receive above-and-beyond services that are sure to provide results.



100% legal credit repair
Exceptional customer service
Affordable monthly fee
Personalized services
Full money-back satisfaction guarantee
24/7 updates
May take up to 6 months to repair your credit
There are some cases that they are unable to help


What better way is there to be truly assured of your choice than to see actual results? After talking to many happy Score Cure customers, we have collected numerous real dispute letters that were sent to us. You can see the letters for yourself by clicking on the images below!


In simple terms, the cost of the credit repair services offered by Score Cure is a $79.95 monthly fee and a one-time set-up fee of $19.95. The length that you are in the program will determine the amount of monthly fees that you will pay, and the length of your program will depend on the complexity of your credit report case. In comparison to the cost of having poor credit, which can result in thousands of dollars lost due to high interest rates, the low fee that is charged by Score Cure is worth every penny.


Along with choosing Score Cure as our #1 choice for credit repair, we give them five out of five stars! Due to their exceptional customer service and proven credit repair results, we feel as though Score Cure provides one of the best credit repair services out there. Any investment that you put into repairing your credit with Score Cure is sure to be one well spent.


New Jersey